4 Activities Senior Care Can Do with People Who Have Limited Mobility

When an older adult is confined to a wheelchair, it can sometimes be difficult for them to find ways to pass the time. Sitting in front of the television all the time can get boring and isn’t very stimulating for the brain. And, even people in wheelchairs need exercise.

Home Care in Alexandria VA: Limited Mobility Activities For Seniors
Home Care in Alexandria VA: Limited Mobility Activities For Seniors

If you’re at a loss for how to help your elder family member to pass their days in meaningful and enjoyable ways, consider contacting a senior care agency to find out what they can do. Senior care providers are experts at working with elderly people with a variety of illnesses and disabilities. Because of their experience, they have ideas for activities to do with older adults who are in wheelchairs.

Below are just 4 ideas for activities a senior care provider can do with your aging relative with limited mobility.

1: Invite Visitors or Go for a Visit

For some seniors, being confined to a wheelchair can result in being isolated from other people. They may be unable to get out of the house on their own, so they have limited opportunities to socialize with others. In addition, being in a wheelchair can make it hard to keep the house clean, which may make the older adult embarrassed to have anyone visit. A senior care provider can not only help them to get out of the house by driving them where they need to go, but they can also keep the house neat and tidy, so the older adult feels comfortable inviting others over.

2: Fun Forms of Exercise

Because exercise is necessary for good health, your older family member will need physical activity no matter what their disability. A senior care provider can do activities with the older adult that will help them to use their upper body. For example, a senior care provider can play an active video game with them. They might also play a game of catch or help your aging relative to throw a ball for the dog.

3: Read Together

Reading is an excellent way to stimulate your aging relative’s mind. However, they may have difficulty seeing the words on the page with their elderly eyes. A senior care provider can read to the older adult. That way, they can also discuss what they are reading together.

4: Creative Activities

There are many creative activities older adults in wheelchairs can do. Your older family member might enjoy coloring in a coloring book designed for adults. Senior care providers can sit and color with them while chatting and sharing their art. Senior care providers can also help older adults to make crafts, assisting with things that might be difficult, like threading a needle or gluing a small part.

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Zena Ayalew, RN